summer Photos.


At our clinic in Djibouti, doctors and nurses scramble to treat a never-ending influx of young malnourished patients. In the Starved for Attention film “Frustration,” Marcus Bleasdale documents clinic workers speaking about the successes and frustrations of their work.

This is one of 195 million stories of malnutrition. Sign the petition to help us rewrite the story.

Photo: Djibouti 2009 © Marcus Bleasdale/VII

Want to know something interesting? There’s enough food in this world to feed everyone. The problem is that it’s unevenly distributed. Please sign this. 

This cute squirrel lives above the door to Murphree closest to Cawthon. c: Sept 2011

Also I will eventually take photos of the pretty buildings here. And just joined Common App because I want to transfer out of here, lol. Green Mountain College … so much want.

Oscar Wilde. Strozier Library, FSU. Aug 28.

Check out this bug. 

I’m no longer on summer vacation but I still want to post photos. FSU, Aug 28.

Flying back to the states. 18 hours and 56 minutes of flying with no one I know. Awesomeee. Also, this is a picture of people driving into San Fran which is sort of related to this post I guess.

Stars. You can see them a lot better in the hi-res version, btw. Orote Airfield, Naval Base Guam. August 13.

Moon behind clouds. Orote Airfield, Naval Base Guam. August 13.

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